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Our primary purpose as consultants is to deliver high quality management services both in appearance and content. We will continue to be known where personal attention will never become obsolete. We want a culture of growth, profitability and enthusiasm.


Transferring our practical Experience to our Clients to better set-up and/or expanding their growth to no-limit.

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Founder's word

Active MC, has started to support organizations improving their performance by operating primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and the development of improvement plans; We deliver services to assist our partners controlling their presumably objectives by transferring our consultants' specialized expertise. As a result of our experience, knowledge and relationships with numerous of organizations in the market, we are typically aware of industry best practices.

Active MC “as external independent” provides organizational change management assistance, development of coaching skills, process analysis, technology implementation, strategy development, or operational improvement services.

Our consultants bring their methodologies and frameworks in order to identify problems and suggest recommendations to help our partners performing their work tasks effectively and efficiently.
  • They guide us in setting up our accounting department and guide us to select the best accounting software “QuickBook” to streamline our monthly accounting reports that assist us to know our Financial Position in monthly basis.
    Dr. Izdihar Al-Chab.
    MD at French Dental Clinic.
  • We hire their services to guide us in restructuring our finance department as well as to better standrazing our operation procedures, they complete setting up PnP for overall departments in MAS, so we were able to implement "FOCUS RT"  the ERP that helped us smooth our workflows from the step of placing an order till getting our financials reports ready timely and accurate on even weekly bases.
    Captain.Gregoire Marchand.
    CEO at Mediterranean Aviation Services.
  • They are highly accomplished professionals, results oriented and maintain high quality standards to meet challenges in a fast paced and demanding work environments. They work effectively with a wide range of professionals from diversified cultural backgrounds; they complete 1)Developing, and implementing financial policies and procedures, 2)Developing Policies & Procedures for the HR function and administration. This included Recruitment and Training Process, Organization Structuring and Development, Compensation and Benefits and Performance Appraisal Process, and 3)Consistently implemented best practices and developed KPIs.
    Mr. Mohammed Elgamal.
    CEO at FMCG.
  • We turned our ERP’s implementation from a fail to a success, by assist us in determining our policies, procedures and workflows based on the best international practice, where this PnP lead our group to complete the ERP implementation effectively and efficiently.
    Mr. Amer Aldouri
    CEO at Aldouri Supermarket & Mart
  • Wael was a key player in putting all policies, procedures and plans in the Foundation. He was able to Setup and manage the finance in a completely professional way, He was also leading major part of the overall administration for the foundation. He is a team player, professional, work under stress with the mindset of getting things done no matter what is takes. He leads the Implementation of MS. Great Plains (ERP by Microsoft) which is working effectively till today..
    Mr. Tarek Mounir
    CEO at Tabah Foundation

About the Founder

Wael has more than 25 years of experience in finance, accounting ERP and human resources. He began his career at several companies in Syria, where he reached the level of Accounting Manager before relocating to Dubai in 2000 to become Chief Accountant in a leading courier & shipping co. He joined a Research & Organizational Development Firm (Tabah Foundation) in Abu Dhabi for more than 8 years where he was the Finance & HR director as well as he lead all organizational development linked to the Finance & HR area for all projects headed by the firm.
Wael is a Member of IMA, SHRM and ASCA.
He has a deep and hand experience in managing all areas of shared services, also a brilliant touch in writing policies, procedures and establishing workflows with a great success ends in leading implementation of ERP such as MS. Great Plains, MS Axapta, SAP, Focus RT for a wide different industries ranges cover all type of activities like:

- Manufacturing;
- Retails;
- Academics college and training centers;
- Aviation and airlines;
- Healthcare and Clinics;
- Courier and Shipping;
- Bakeries, Restaurants and Supermarkets;
- Engineering Consulting;
- And Non-For Profit Foundation.

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